the stars on the american flag are actually asterisks for all the restrictions on the freedom it boasts


not exactly the horse capital of the US


How true, wisdom from a 5 year old


hello hi how are you my lovely friend hope you’re doing alright :-) i saw this masterpost by alexgaiskarth and i liked the idea of it, so here is my masterpost of 5sos videos and stuff, enjoy!

゚・: ,。★iconic moments★,。・:・゚

"let’s play titanic, yOU’D BE THE ICE BERG AND I’LL GO DOWN"

"pretend i’m a girl"

5sos acting out Mean Girls, Twilight, and Harry Potter


selfie wars

"you ate your babies?!"

ashton having a boner B)

this whole video is just

"i’m half Irish, i can’t twerk"

when they went fucking mental ft. niall

target 5sos

"i’m sorry, Calum. i can’t hear you over the size of your ego"

"i do what i want i’m punk rock" "no you’re not"

(◡﹏◡✿)concert moments i wish i saw live(◡﹏◡✿)

when calum screamed in 18

when muke were rapping Lose Yourself

when michael wore a snapback

when they crashed a one direction concert with their masks on

when ashton played the guitar in Teenage Dream

when ashton broke his drums ft. michael being a cutie

when calum ruffled michael’s wet hair

and many many more, but who has the time

bromances are beautiful (⊙ω⊙✿)


muke cuddling (2) (3) (ft. cake at the end)

basically michael being mean to luke

me and luke are growing a penguin

how many times did michael talk about luke’s legs that ashton had to say “here we go again”


"did you just spank me? do it again"

"aw you look cute" "are you cracking on to me?" "yes we should make out"

aw grumpy ash

"calum is like cuddly little bear"


such cuties

luke’s 17th birthday and calum is being a cutie

"it’s you calum it’s actually you"

luke is in love with calum ft. jealous ashton



banana party

he’s the youngest in the band, so i kinda feel like a brother to him

he’s such a dork with ashton



almost kissing on stage B)

*hugs calum after offending him*

"mount me" me too michael



i find this face to face video extremely adorable

piggy back rides :((((

ashton comforting michael because he bit his tongue and calling him baby

unappreciated videos~(•ε • ~)

mtv cribs and a horror movie ft. model luke

i think i know what i want for Christmas

the harmoniES

i really want to play with michael’s hair in this vid

don’t ever let this die

i cannot deal with luke in this video

the ashton witch project

towel adventures

luke’s accent gives me life

they started doing a Michael Jackson acapella ???

for sad michael girls(✿^-^)

this dork lip-syncing to Boyfriend

two dorks lip-syncing to One Thing

michael screaming in Voodoo Doll  god bless whoever made this


"you make us the luckiest people in the world"

you little shit

for sad calum girls(✿^-^)

what’s up with this band and lip-syncing?

it’s his microwave

calum’s cover of All About You

a never ending loop of sleepy calum

this makes me so happy ft. luke in the shower

this solo makes me emotionally unstable i fucking love his lisp

for sad ashton girls(✿^-^)

hear ashton’s laugh for 11 minutes

"damn it this fucking nipple"

really really important cover

when ashton got his wisdom teeth removed

ashton falling off a chair ft. cute fan giggling and luke not helping him


for sad luke girls(✿^-^)

hear luke’s laugh for 2 minutes

luke smiling proudly because everyone was singing with him

"if you don’t swim, you’ll probably drown" i kept watching this for ages

luke’s cover of Lego House

look at this cutie

luke rapping Lose Yourself

i hope this made you laugh or at least smile, if you’re ever sad just remember michael saying “you make us the luckiest people in the world” because you do.(ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)

if you want more check out this page by mukenope she did a really really good job wow and thank you again to alexgaiskarth for the idea! you can check out her post here.

if any of the links are not working, just tell me and i’ll do my best to fix them (◡‿◡✿)